Friday, September 26, 2008

my eye is all better

our art history lesson was in the vatican yesterday, four hours long with no lunch but i suppose some people in this world may have had it worse on that particular day. Raphael painted apartments for the pope, Bramante tried to ruin Michaelangelo by recommending him for the sistine chapel and the catholic clegry were assholes who got rich off god instead of trade.

there were no pictures in the sistine chapel. But shh, here are two. dont tell anyone, especially not the guards who were shushing and triple-clapping the masses into silence. Shouts of -NO CAMERA- punctuated and enhanced the viewing of the chapel that proved how holy and divine pope Sistus was for paying a lot of hard-won church money to erect a big monument to himself.

Tomorrow we are going to Assisi to visit the monasteries and hang out in the complete silence. The weekend after that is our southern fieldtrip to Naples where the Mafia reigns and Pompeii to study remains. I would kill for a hamburger.

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