Sunday, July 19, 2009

living on credit

Four new projects on my website and I am calling it done. No more working on it, I forbid it. Next step is to line up interviews and find a place for Willy and Myself to live for relatively cheap. emphasis on relative. Willy is interning at J Crew at Astor Place in Manhattan (pretty sure of the location) which he seems to be enjoying. My friends Dylan and Derek moved in together (Platonic) recently, Derek i believe is taking an internship with Method and Dylan is freelancing and helping put together the music magazine Self Titled. Oh and Lydia is working at Graham (cracker) Hanson design. I feel like a slob.

This is a poster i designed and send to the people who run the Brooklyn Pool Parties. They liked the poster but already had one (which i knew) and had two staff designers (which i did not know.)

This is a sort of harassment poster in the works i think. well i am off to have lots and lots of fun.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back In New York, Stuck in Moline, Back in Iowa, Bought a Sweatshirt

Pointless waste of resources and time. If I wanted to see a slash I would draw a diagonal line on a page. I dont need to open a book to get my fix. Thanks anyways.

After being back in New York I realized I cant really imagine moving anywhere else. At least at this point in time. I need to fix up my portfolio. I just finished up a series of wallpapers for the new iPhones. If you are Richy Rich iPhone owner, you can download the designs here.

New Zine in the works, check back soon.