Sunday, August 24, 2008

pidgeon birds

amsterdam is swell but cloudy. im sticking a quick entry in at a coffeeshop near the hostel called the dolphins. free wifi and other fun stuff that makes it worth the half block walk. its been overcast a lot and the six girls im with seem perpetually angry, but other than that amsterdam is really really great. architecture, canals, its gorgeous.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Over, Over

or you can see better photos on his website.

Mike's new book hit the shelves recently, it's been pretty exciting to see the response it's been getting. It always feels kind of strange to see the work of someone you know getting a lot of attention from the design world. It's interesting for sure.

Yesterday I went to a barbecue with Dylan and Ali that his boss was having as an end of the summer sort of deal. It was great, a couple guys from Rad Mountain showed up as well as a lot of the guys from Athletics. So much talent in one backyard.

I had to leave early to do my second to last day at the frozen monkey in Hoboken, and fantastic reverse commute from Hoboken to Brooklyn at one o clock in the morning. I live to complain.

My time with mike is over, i think thats what I sat down to blog about. It's been a great summer and I feel like the internship has done wonders for me. I feel a lot more motivated to create now and I'm getting anxious to get back into the swing of things.

Awesome photobooth quality picture of me with some of the edition of 100 zines i finished up this week as my final project. I'll have real pictures up some day. Mike paid for the printing and I spent a good two days folding taping and stapling them together but they are probably my favorite thing I've done in a long time, design-wise.

My flight is out of JFK on thursday at 7 am. I think I may just head there late wednesday night so I dont have to deal with the train system at 4 in the morning. I threw away one of my bags and condensed down to one suitcase, one backpack and my computer. For that being everything I own within 500 miles, I think thats a pretty good amount.

four days in the city, then its home for a breath and a leap across the ocean to red light districts and city canals and cafes called bars and buildings older than 100 years. New Yorks been dandy but im ready to jet.

Hope everyone is swell.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

that hurt

so a cab ride to a lower east side rooftop led to an amazing view and some bad decision-making. cut to subway confusion and crackheads talking to themselves and you have a general idea of why im moving slowly today.

Friday, August 1, 2008

living on the streets

my brother moved to pennsylvania so i am currently staying with the lovely dylan mulvaney until further notice. i have one week left at Midwest is Best studio. Katie, the other intern already went home and Jim the illustrator had his last day today, sad stuff.

i visited dylan at rad mountain which was way cool, i met the guys behind some really great work. everyone should check them out–

it is official, i am flying home in two weeks, then flying to amsterdam in one more. its gonna be great to see ames and people again before taking off forever for again. but i gotta run, dylan and i are jetting to manhattan to go to some stupid overpriced bar that someone else decided on.
oh yeah, i met this cute waitress and hung out with her a couple times but this morning she left for the boston and i wont see her before i leave, but as Rainer Maria Rilke says, your solitude is your happiness. or something weird like that. He was a strange guy.