Sunday, November 9, 2008

photo dump

I am a terrible blogger. I am too easily distracted and Im sorry for this if anyone regularly checks on my poor attempt at keeping things current.

I have still not put anything up from Berlin which was two months ago and im sorry. I went to Stockholm and have not put anything up and im sorry. I just returned from Switzerland and Milan and i dont have anything to put up right now because im shooting on a 35 mm camera because i dont like point and shoots and i need to get my film developed and im sorry. Here are some photos to try to clue in on whats been going on in my post expatriate life. well this first picture is from new york. but i love puzzles.

pompeii. it started pouring so i took off my shoes and rolled up my jeans. slick footing slipping around on two thousand year old cobblestones.

bike riding in holysloot, holland. this is where the magic ferry with the swiss, the dutch, and the italian took us back across the river.

cliff jumping in capri. we had about twenty minutes before our ferry left and a school of jelly fish and stung us away.

yelling at people with a fake british accent outside an roman irish pub, prepunch.

modeling contraposto stance, made famous by the greek sculptor Polykleitos and used throughout all realisitc art from then on.

all i wanted were some home made swedish waffles but this peacock came and distracted me. hes dressed flashier than i am and resembles a dinosaur so i lost.

colloseum lookin.

a. bedsheet ghost halloween with my pal candycorn.

b. togas for no real reason

pressuring stray dogs into smoking is a passtime of mine.

and touching dirty animals makes me happy.

i sketched out the midwest for a friend in berlin so she would know where iowas from. i just cracked myself up.

trying to read before the bus to assisi. i was not hung over, i was in the minority because i am a good child.

a. project modeling the process for the creation of ideas in my brain.

b. blissful in Stockholm with real autumn leaves and gorgeous non-roman architecture.

c. hard at work in the Williamsburg street under the New York sun and its asphalt heat.

d. human sacrifice to Vesuvius in the market area of pompeii.

Head of a Madman by Jean-Michel Basquiat, whose life work on display in Rome until february. Gives me hope for myself.

sketch for halloween costume.

hanging out with Jackie O, the stray kitten who needs a home.

Jack with mine and haileys carved gourds. the pumpkins were few and far between so we made due. speaking of which, i think my roommates threw mine away. ugh.

this was supposed to be quick but somehow ate up a good part of my sunday. enjoy your day!