Sunday, December 14, 2008

my toes have my favorite feet

today i finished the book V by Thomas Pynchon which i bought in Berlin and started reading soon after. it was a thick complex book but should not have taken three and a half months to read.

i returned yesterday from Barcelona where i had tickets to a 3 am show of a french singer named Yelle. Catalan is the language of that city but i really didnt know what was being said ever with french lyrics, spanish banter, and occasional english commands to clap your hands.

the castle of the fairy king in the picture above is the Sagrada Familia, a church designed by Antoni Gaudi that is still under construction more than 80 years after his death. The photo was taken from the roof of La Pedrera, a Gaudi apartment complex-turned-museum, consequently the next photo up. In the temporary exhibitions they had the work of Rodchenko who is an enormous name in graphic design, he was a pioneer in russian constructivism and slides of his work complete any respectable account of the history of design. Also, the motif of the woman calling in the photo has been ripped off so many times its not even funny (look at the album cover of franz ferdinands second cd).

The font magica sprayed colorful against a backdrop of classical music as we drank don simon sangria from a plastic bottle.

the zoo was closed so i stuck my feet in the sea. we ate ok tapas and took a nap. at the concert i was forced into remembering high school spanish as security guard was trying to move me while my friend was checking her coat. Esperando para mi amiga. The club was called Razzmatazz and had three dance floors i believe. picture two warehouses put together, then everyone inside standing in line for the coat check. bingo.

an english guy named oliver smoked a pipe and djed at a club called milan where we went with a mutt gang of australians, english, americans, spanish, and one canadian. Someone who lived above a bar thought we were being too loud in the street so proceeded to shower us in water.

I think i have to go, Jackie O is being a complete pain in the ass. School is over on tuesday i think. I have no idea. i missed the last day of class but it sounds like i was in the majority. what a joke. six days and then...nevermind.


nothing, really.

The Tiber river flooded and the docked boat that i pass every day on the way to school was destroyed by debris. It floats diagonally in the toxic water.

there is a whole generation of girls growing up with nylon magazine and the train wreck celebrities of youth and are learning their tricks. drink heavily and smoke cigarettes because it makes a good photo, not for any pleasure you might get out of it. the more out of control you appear, the better you are.

ive discussed it with dylan and our iowa state instruction in graphic design has dissolved into absolute nothingness. it is more detrimental to my learning to be in class next to a professor who only gossips and youtubes and breaks concentration. everything i learn, i learn from designers and artists who are thousands of miles away from me.

a man at the girona airport informed me that i cant do online checkin if i am an american citizen. he told me i had to pay twenty euros before i could get my boarding pass. I said the fee should have only been ten euros like on the website. Everything is more expensive at the airport he said. He gave me the bill to pay at a seperate window and i threw it away. I went to the clerk four desks down from him and told him i needed to check in. he told me i had to pay ten euros before i could get my boarding pass. i did so and flew home.