Friday, August 1, 2008

living on the streets

my brother moved to pennsylvania so i am currently staying with the lovely dylan mulvaney until further notice. i have one week left at Midwest is Best studio. Katie, the other intern already went home and Jim the illustrator had his last day today, sad stuff.

i visited dylan at rad mountain which was way cool, i met the guys behind some really great work. everyone should check them out–

it is official, i am flying home in two weeks, then flying to amsterdam in one more. its gonna be great to see ames and people again before taking off forever for again. but i gotta run, dylan and i are jetting to manhattan to go to some stupid overpriced bar that someone else decided on.
oh yeah, i met this cute waitress and hung out with her a couple times but this morning she left for the boston and i wont see her before i leave, but as Rainer Maria Rilke says, your solitude is your happiness. or something weird like that. He was a strange guy.

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Anastasia said...

Has Nick been expelled from ISU? If not, we will sue.