Thursday, July 10, 2008

coffee and hamburger coma

Wow, so its been forever since ive posted last. lots of junk has happened. i saw a couple concerts and spent a lot of money on food. Willy got into town, met a girl, and moved in with her. Jennie Register got in two weeks ago and already found a salon job. Ive become less social than i remember, i work four nights a week at the cafe and that usually lets out around midnight. still going strong with M Perry, we actually are in the middle of our creative project for the summer, but ill keep it hush hush so it possibly will be a surprise for later.

this is a really terrible video of gogol bordello i shot from a tree. the concert was in mccaren park in williamsburg and tickets were thirty five dollars so willy and i decided to hang out in a tree and enjoy the show there instead. a fellow tree climber showed up a little later, he was alright.

this is the office where i work from 10-5. its nice, fun, whatever. the computer on the left is mine but i actually am using my laptop because the cs3 on the other computer is being silly right now. its not so sweet.

Jim and Jim, looks like a afternoon slump. that shelf is all of Jims design books from the past couple decades.

and these are his magazines. its a pretty incredible collection and there is some gold hidden in that bookshelf, especially if youre a design student.

the rayguns underneath are issues i had previously only seen in books. They are artifacts from when David Carson was still designing and thats sort of a big deal unless youre old enough to remember them being published. blah blah apostrophe poster blog design crap.

my notebook, pristine. screenprinted a photo anna wolf took onto my 'work' notebook.

my notebook, destroyed. shes hanging in there but her inks coming off like the skin of a man pulled from the east river. ahh morbid new york jokes.

new york is this huge club that everyone loves so much, its kind of bizarre. new york is dandy but im getting tired of the status symbols and celebrity sightings and iphones and excess. im sick of commuting and getting stuck across the river from where i need to go. im ready for somewhere new.

i miss my old room and being able to stay up until five am drawing, not having to worry about waking my brother up with the light. i miss my coffeemaker and kitchen counters, my jigsaw puzzles and dishwashing-italian audio lesson time. i miss my friends and being able to invite someone over. i dont want to be transient, i want my own space in the world again.


Three said...

movee to iowa city? CNn listed it 21 out of 100 in top places to move for Upcoming small business! just think what we could do

cek said...

Your blog is great. I like your recent comments/insight on different places in the world, forging a niche, the cliche NYC blah blah blah. Anyways.