Saturday, June 14, 2008

ice cream, ice cream everywhere

i got a job! I now sell the aforementioned five dollar milk shakes, i have become part of the problem.

On the left is the fail-safe hand-drawn letter the clears the path to employment via the golden road of pity. Make your application look like a seven year old did it and the job is yours!

I am a waiter-barista at the Frozen Monkey cafe in Hoboken where we dish out milk shakes, soft serve, fancy salads, paninis, and breakfast food all day long. I think this is the first time been making more money than ive been spending in about two years. Its dandy.

i finally got new shoes and it was just in the nick of time. the old black babies had a gaping grin forming in the side and pretty much all the trim had fallen off. my feet have been thanking me as the blisters stopped raging.

Today I was supposed to help Mike out with a photoshoot he is doing for a record cover but he tallied up all the suits and other people who actually needed to be there and the studio would have been just too jampacked if everyone ended up there. I did get to help out with the prelight session on Mikes roof, however, and that was a lot of fun. Ate pizza and took pictures till the sun went down. here are some photos.

this is jim, hes been sharing studio space with us for a couple
weeks now, hes a really great artist and pretty funny guy. Hes english too (london) so the cultural differences make for ceaseless entertainment.

more of the rooftop shoot- this is anna wolf and my boss mike perry. Theirs is the roof we were set up on. anna isnt as teensy as she looks in the photo, shes just set back a bit farther. dont get me wrong however, she is teensy.

i love this picture because im taking a picture of jim taking a picture of anna taking a picture of mike with stewart, the photo assistant in the background. its deep, really.

after this session was over, i got to model for some of the test shots. Anna asked if i felt like a canadian popstar which just confused me until i realized that that is the brand of popstar the shoot is for.

then anna shot down my self-esteem a little saying 'this is going to be so great with a cute guy in front of the camera--i mean not that ian isnt cute, uh--'

no, no, dont backtrack! let me know how awul and disfigured i really am.

here are some random photos from the city. industrial brooklyn, backside stairwells, trainyards, and wall street. Some snapshots taken while running errands.

the beach at coney island. this picture basically sums up my summer so far. its been a tiring month but things are going pretty well.

im trying to draw more and i want to start a running website of new work but everything depends on what i can cram into postwork periods.

i hope everyone is well.


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