Sunday, July 19, 2009

living on credit

Four new projects on my website and I am calling it done. No more working on it, I forbid it. Next step is to line up interviews and find a place for Willy and Myself to live for relatively cheap. emphasis on relative. Willy is interning at J Crew at Astor Place in Manhattan (pretty sure of the location) which he seems to be enjoying. My friends Dylan and Derek moved in together (Platonic) recently, Derek i believe is taking an internship with Method and Dylan is freelancing and helping put together the music magazine Self Titled. Oh and Lydia is working at Graham (cracker) Hanson design. I feel like a slob.

This is a poster i designed and send to the people who run the Brooklyn Pool Parties. They liked the poster but already had one (which i knew) and had two staff designers (which i did not know.)

This is a sort of harassment poster in the works i think. well i am off to have lots and lots of fun.



Annabel said...

you're cute. Good luck. With everything.

Ian Vens, Rabbit, V, Bird Legs, and Reptile Heart said...

thanks annabel. im sure it will all work out.