Monday, September 22, 2008

Dumb Lovers Put Padlocks on Bridges

the most beautiful city on a rock i have ever seen, Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy.

The instant i saw it i thought of a book i read in seventh grade but no one I spoke to knew which one i was talking about. Google images backed me up on this one so once again i can connect a point in the past to the present.

i videochatted with my kitten the other day (and han, too, i suppose) and it was good to see her little meowin face again. There were cats running around every town in cinque terre but they were all spoiled and could care less that i was pettin their little fluffheads.

This week i am going to work on regaining my motivation and getting up for class and keeping an open mind about the usefulness of these last two semesters of design education.

However, it is extremely disheartening when i miss a studio and ask what we did and get the reply that nothing happened at all. What is the point of paying money to be taught if you arent being taught and one of your only two professors is a graduate student. Just seems like a big practical joke to me. but Positive Positive Positive, coffee coffee and nice girls and bedsheet forts. Indian food and back alleys and restaurants with no signage. Cornetti e Gnocchi e vino rosso e pizza salame. I am warming up to rome.

Miss everyone,

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