Thursday, September 4, 2008

telling willy about cats

we still havent started school

we had an art history class today in the forum
it was pretty sweet.
saw the place where marc antony said his whole friends, romans, countrymen lend me your ears schpiel

thats awesome
me and ryan are trying to find a cat
and theres one in the parking lot behind our place
tthat keeps crying at night
but we cant find it

i saw one on top of a car today
it was adorable
it wouldnt come near me today, just like all adorable things

in paris, and in amsterdam
we saw kittys on mopeds
and it was sooooooo cute

you should see the cat sanctuary
kittens everwhereeeee
im doing my projects on it
theres a three legged cat and hes the king

im so jealous

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Jess said...

find that kitty!