Monday, September 15, 2008

Dear Max

I have decided against putting the detailed story from saturday on the internet, but i will share a photo or two and some facts.

this is my face shortly after an american man named nick decided i shouldnt have been looking at him the way i was. i didnt like being talked to that way (and he had just called an interior girl an impolite name) so a scuffle arose in which one fist connected with my right eye jamming the lense of my glasses into my brow. that little cut fountained half my face in blood as i resituated myself to continue when i saw him being escorted out of the pub. My glasses are destroyed and i have a bit of a shiner forming but other than that im no worse for the wear. Traveled halfway across the world just to meet the same jerks we have back in iowa. Dandy.



War Torn Willy said...

Ah yes, late at night in florence (on the other side of the river luckily), you can hear groups of slightly overweight but think its muscle, collar popping fiends yelling at eachother from a few feet apart in perfect (sometimes with a southern drawl) english. This is what the world thinks we are; an angry mob of bitchy men who pinch butts and hit faces. Well let me tell you what, I wouldn't stand for this BUT you already tried that and got quite a nasty response. I think we should start sending bromail: Intensely worded accusations of hypocrisy and deceit towards the human race. You in? I hope so.

Anastasia said...

Has Nick been expelled from ISU? If not, we will sue.

Jess said...


bummer we cant hex people.
that wouldve been a laugh.

Jess said...

oh ppps...& only if you can be mine!