Monday, October 13, 2008

lagging behind

Sorry im such a terrible keeper upper. ive got a bunch of photos and a couple stories to tell. since we last spoke i have been to naples, pompeii, capri, sorrento, and i just returned from florence today. In capri i learned that italian comedians are awful representations of people in general and certain hostel hostesses are up for cannonization. And one should not follow feral cats, lest one stray from the group. i got lost and did not ever find my people.

i wrote down some things so i didnt have to remember at the computer so here goes.


me eyes are killing me, contacts every day is starting to hurt something awful and the vision place still hasnt faxed me the prescription. anyways, sorrento convent breakfast was bread and coffee served by tiny women of the cloth.

sea and cliffs are becoming standard. dead city of pompeii, barefooted and soaked i tried not to lose my balance on the smooth rocks that bridged sidewalks over the muddy river streets.

ferry to capri and the sea air filling my blood vessels. Dyland relayed Einsteins quote -i believe in God, i spell it N-A-T-U-R-E.-

wind-blown, we stood on the deck watching the sun hide from us behind three-dimensional clouds as the rocky cliffs approached.

humming Shankill Butchers by the decemberists, i was seperated froom the rest of the group while chasing a black and white mottled cat through the twisting alleys behind the vias of anacapri.

bleach white houses stack up a hill and you can see it out the window of an orange bus flying up the wriggling mountain path.-

I need to finish a project. i will fill in photos and words for cities i have yet to fill everyone in on but until then, ciao, tschuss.

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