Monday, May 26, 2008

we wrap the whole thing in a tote bag full of vegetarian chili!

summer finally decided to show up. like anybody trying to be fashionably late, it made its absence felt before being obnoxious and overbearing. hot hot sun, sweaty ice-creamy people. i bought a five dollar shake yesterday. In pulp fiction, vincent vega cannot believe there is such a thing as a five dollar shake, but there is. and its cherryberry tastee d-lite.

this is faye and sam. they are awesome and we got ice cream and then pizza and then did a puzzle. and met some friends at washington park in brooklyn to fly a kite.

cory and brit and the cyclops kite. we basked in the sun which hurt my eyes because i slept in my contacts the previous night at samanthas birthday baby party. i fell asleep in a fort with my shoes on. it was thirty hours between lacing them up and taking them off.

after pizza and puzzle time was over we went over to a thing on the roof of a building in brooklyn where i tried to take some nice skyline pictures but it was dark and all you could see was lights. A girl named Sophie lived at the apartment but i tried to convince her that it was my apartment and i didnt know why she was in it. im really hilarious if you havent noticed. the bottom photo was taken under the bridge in dumbo, brooklyn (best neighborhood name by far.)

and in an oh-so-careful way i will now show you where i work, being very cautious not to put in too much information, lest there be stalkers and murderers who enjoy my blog entries. However, if you do want to stalk me, it would take a minuscule amount of searching to figure out my home address, work address, email, phone number, natural haircolor, and employment history.

but first i would like to list things i enjoy about new york. puppies. they are everywhere and they are adorable. subway performers, adding soundtrack to my commute is dandy and you have my full support (but i probably will hang on to my change). Being a full-blown adult in a city (world) that caters to the 21 and ups with fervor. skylines make sunsets more interesting but it sucks trying to see the setting sun when lower east manhattan is towering all around ya. i love pizza. lots of it. big pizza slices from curt employees who arent amused when you somehow mess up the simple process of saying 'one slice please.'

oh yeah, i went to a barbecue in queens today with my brother and his girlfriend and met a couple cool people. we talked about important things, like being prepared to choose a gender if your baby is born with both male and female parts. i wrote down my designer info for someone, it was like a business card but with more elements one might attribute to a letter from a small child. it was a good day, my bro is ok by me.

you can't really argue with the first door but the second one is kind of disheartening. knowing theres someone out there hailing satan and scribbling his name on doors is kind of sad in a way. i wonder if he's trying to get closer to satan by doing this, forming a personal relationship and all. i wonder if satan knows that the man is trying to get in touch with him. i wonder if satan would be interested in getting to know the scribbler, maybe playing scrabble or something with him. i wonder if satan already has a solid group of friends or if hes actually a lonely dude. they could be just a couple of lonely dudes together. it would be beautiful. kind of like a movie.

I've got it! it would be called 'Sympathy for the Devil!'

I'm just too good sometimes.

this is my work. i need to find out the history behind it but judging from the facade, i would say it used to be a ketchup factory. when i first scoped it out, i was a little confused, it seemed to be a janky neighborhood what with all the barbed wire and satan graffiti but the space is actually pretty nice once you get in there.

Well, i guess if you like warehouses.

this was my one of my first projects (disasters) with mike. there werent any boxes big enough to mail a framed piece which needed to go to a show in australia so i built one out of foamcore. flash back to sophomore year and the realization that

A) i cant cut straight lines
B) i cant measure all that well and
C) i really cant seem to make anything pretty.

oh well, ill stick to the ugly stuff and keep on keepin on.

speaking of work. i have to hop on a train in three hours and head into the city. i should probably jump on that sleep train, i heard its headed for dreamtown. night everybody, i miss you guys but im having a great time.

bacci e abracci,
ian rabbit vens


Three said...

loooks like neckface has been hailing satan again

Emily said...

Doesn't the graffiti follow you everywhere? I loved it. You're making me relove it--perhaps a trip is in order.