Friday, May 16, 2008

shit weather

today started dandy, i went to the shop-rite a few blocks away, walked Buddy, ate a PBJ and went into the city to see the new Guggenheim exhibit with Dylan. The slightly rainy weather of the morning turned into a damp, freezing, windtunnel once i got into Manhattan.
this was the installation in the lobby of the Goog, the artist is cai guo-qiang. im not usually a fan of flashing lights and hanging hondas but i was ok with this. my favorite, though was this one-
ninety-nine wolves running towards the same dead end. i stood underneath the stream and stared until i realized one of them was looking at me. i loved the exhibit.

I ate an italian sausage from a street vendor and it was amazing. Walking home last night i happened upon a midnight soccer game. i walked into a coffee shop trying to decide between iced coffee and regular coffee, they told me they were giving away iced coffee.

there are so many umbrellas.

these are some flower in front of a shop in hoboken, color in the city always seems twice as bright.

miss everyone at home. so it goes.

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War TorN WilLY said...

now ian, those are geo metro's hangin from that ceiling.
2 weeks from now ill be 2 hours into my jaerrrb.