Wednesday, May 14, 2008

new pork sitting

eighteen hours between the midwest and jersey shore. 11 pm we started the voyage, 5 pm it ended with unloading a uhaul with a ton of crap in it and wishing i was dead. we arrived in hoboken, nj and i set up my little camp in my brothers place. by camp i mean im sleeping on a couch with a suitcase and random junk in the corner and books on the coffee table.

driving was a blast! having slept three hours the night before, i was more than prepared to operate a high-profile vehicle at two in the morning on an indiana highway.

i flattened a penny with a cleveland rock and roll stamp, that was the highlight of the pitstops. well actually the real highlight was Bruce, the gas station attendent with bright red fingernails that stretched and inch in front of each digit. they were lovely, his manicurist is a pro.

buddy, my brothers dog was riding shotgun. i think he did his business in as many states as we passed through.

my favorite state as far as scenery goes was probably the very beginning of new jersey, or the end of Pennsylvania. pennsylvania had the Appalachian mountains with
all the different colored trees while jersey was just lush green and rock formations.

five hundred dollars in gas to drive halfway across the country, how much caffeine and sugar did i shove down my throat en route.

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Anonymous said...

nice blankie, ian. ny sounds like a blast!