Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Paraphernalia

Willy managed to get himself and I involved with the All Tomorrows Parties music festival in the Catskills which just wrapped up less than twenty four hours ago. What this means is I was able to see Sufjan Stevens, Autolux, Crystal Castles, Animal Collective, Black Dice, Deer Hunter, Deer Hoof, Panda Bear, Suicide, Eugene Mirman, David Cross, etc. while helping man reception, merch table, dressing room prep and other odd jobs they sent my way. I met two amazing artists there (and I mean like rock star amazing) one of which was gary baseman who is a painter, toy maker, traveller, and cartoon producer all in one. He gave me a sticker and his card so I reciprocated with my card and a sticker that I designed (just happened to have it with me.)

Michael Michael Motorcycle (which believe it or not, isnt his real last name) and I ended up eating a few meals together and talking about screen printing and poster making. On the last day i gave him one of my knife zines that Elliot and I had made over the summer which he seemed to have dug. Click on the link to see some of his pieces, they are phenomenal.

And the final piece (above) is a fathers day card Eugene Mirman thought would be a good idea. He had about five different messages but they were all printed on the same pretty butterfly. He read each one and handed it to an audience member and I got this one by telling him i wanted it. Strange how that works.

And there isnt a picture for this but on the last day I was eating dinner in the production team/artist catering area by myself when a guy in jacket and hoodie and a girl in tight black pants sat down at the table next to me. This vague description that matched a record cover and the fact that crystal castles were playing that night led me to ask about it and we got into a conversation about whoopi goldberg, patrick swayze, and a few other celebrities. I changed tables and sat with them, trying to keep up with stories about the klaxons, peaches, whoever wrote I Hate Mondays in the eighties, and who was getting who hooked on heroin. Normal conversation I guess. Well heres the record cover actually.

It was by far the best job i have ever had. Being surrounded by cute English (not British, I was corrected) and Austrailian girls is definitely something Im going to miss.


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Christopher said...

I am jealous and I hate you forever.