Sunday, August 30, 2009


Things in New York are pretty slow. Michael Jackson had a postmortem birthday party on Saturday in Brooklyn, thrown by Spike Lee. I went to the Frank Lloyd Wright retrospective at the Guggenheim. I emailed probably close to sixty eight hundred craigslist posters and have gotten two responses so far but they have both been good. I completed my first freelance job yesterday and realized I have never designed anything for eight hours in a row.

Right now I have a bunch of different projects going including a little book of drawings i did on scraps of paper, an illustrate bizarre headlines from the ny times project, in addition to the projects I ve finished so far (designed and printed a skateboard deck, personal business cards, redesigned my physical portfolio, did an icon set for a film making website, ordered a batch of stickers, and put together two magazine articles to go to press.) The only thing thats rough about all of this is the state of my bank account. But I am doing my best to be frugal.

I move into my permanent apartment on Tuesday with Willy as my roommate. We have access to two roofs and conjoined rooms and we are located above a diner with cheap pancakes. Speaking of rooves, i have to go watch the sunset on the Manhattan skyline.


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