Saturday, April 4, 2009

not much sleeping

i dont really know for sure what to write about, school is ending in four weeks and that is a real strange thing seeing as how i remember the first week of college like it happened a month ago. and now its over and i have to get a job that doesnt suck. a peer of mine got a job already and when i heard that instead of being happy for them i felt relieved that it wasnt me. i think a regular design job may be a terrible thing. but i dont know i suppose.

my new website is up at

I found this photo the other day that Mike Perry took. Its the only evidence that I was actually there over the summer. Priceless! Im sittng on the floor, Jim Stoten is in the chair and Katy Levy is in the far space. Swell.

Tomorrow I model clothes for judging day of the fashion show followed by a preparty at club element. Hopefully i dont collapse or explode. fingers crossed.

I had a mug with rabbits on it until an hour ago when Franklin the cat jumped on the cabinet and smashed it on the ground.


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